KRO·NO is a UK-based independent film production company. Established in 2012 as a filmmaking group before becoming a production company in January 2014 having successfully developed, funded and shot our debut feature-length project, the Bulgarian-based documentary A Brush Soaked In Carmine.


We have a simple yet flexible philosophy, one that informs our style and sums up the type of material we are naturally drawn to but not one that restrains our creativity. Our films often feature dark themes and strange or surreal elements with an emphasis on creating beautiful and intriguing visuals to tell our stories. We have in the past created music videos as well but our current focus is on making short films and documentaries, and we intend to move into feature-length fiction films in the future.


Our team consists of five members (Robin Chambers, Daniel Ciolette, Teodor Todorov, Natalie Wilsher and Binita Wilton), all of whom are filmmakers and co-owners of the company. See more about them HERE.

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